Supercell Near I-95 Coco Beach during a light El Niño          

Rain Wrapped Tornado from a supercell in Wimauma Florida 12/09/2018

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  1.  Saftey Gear 

        First Aid Kit

        Window Breaker



  2.  All Auto display  read outs good

        Tire Pressure


        Any Warning lights

        All Temps

  3.  Antenna cable connected 

  4.  Computers on

  5.  Amplifier light on

  6.  Router lights on

  7.  Network card light on

  8.  Ethernet RJ45  light on

  9.  Antenna wire to data card

  10.  Camera connected to USB

  11. GPS to USB

  12. Toll Pass

  13.  Fuel 

  14.  Coolent

  15. Power steering  Fluid

  16. GoPro Power on

  17. Weather instruments display on

  18. External station batteries charged

  19. Backup computers extra batteries     20. BLS and some  ACLS supplies